Derek Peterson is living the dream. Previously a financial advisor for the firm Morgan Stanley, Peterson is now making a living in the medical marijuana field out in Oakland. He is the owner of GrowOp, a company that sells pot merchandise. Even though the company has hundreds of products for sale, from light bulbs to nutrients, as the San Francisco Chronicle reports, GrowOp’s specialty weed growing trailers. The trailers, which sell for anywhere between $30,000 to $80,000, assist a person in every aspect of growing and maintaining pot.

Recreational use of weed is still very illegal, and growing the drug will get the Feds on your ass: That is why GrowOp sells products that help you grow the weed—they don’t actually grow it themselves. Smart.

Peterson claims his business pulled in $250,000 in the month of January alone, and he hopes to be ranking in $8 million in sales next year. That’s a lot of green, dude.