Eastbound and Down star Danny McBride has pretty much rocketed to the A-list in the last few years. Between his HBO series, Pineapple Express, and the upcoming Your Highness, the guy has managed to become one of the go-to guys for irreverent comedies. And don't think that popularity hasn't affected the way he lives.

McBride was barhopping in Georgia this week and had to be taken to a police station. Not because he was drunk, mind you, but because the dude was so overcome by college-aged fans that a bike cop thought a riot might break out. Not that we're too surprised to read this; in the Complex cover story this month, McBride relays a similar tale.

"Yeah, it was nuts," McBride said of a recent trip to a college campus. "Then the uprising in Egypt started. I’m not gonna say it was connected, but sometimes you have to shut off the Internet and squash those rumors."


With popularity like that, McBride should maybe run for office. Though he probably did inhale.

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