Ever since shrinking memory costs made online data storage all the rage, a lot of companies have staked their name on the promise of "cloud computing." A new startup called Cloud Girlfriend is taking that trend to new heights.

Cloud Girlfriend will offer users a "social network girlfriend" custom designed to meet their exact specifications. You just tell the service what you want, and Cloud Girlfriend will create the "perfect girlfriend" for you via a profile on Facebook and/or other social networks. Then someone hired by the company will interact with you on the social networks in public, making it look like you have a real-life amazing girlfriend who presumably lives somewhere out of reach.

In other news, there is no bottom to the depths of human loneliness.

Cloud GF hasn't launched yet, and questions remain as to how the service will get around Facebook's still-standing ban of fake profiles. Maybe an appeal to the social network will help. Surely there are some Real Science fans on staff.