It's so typical, drinking yourself blind on St. Patrick's day, vomiting on your new shoes, and making all the mistakes when you could be making only good decisions. Like seeing three of the Leprechaun films in chronological order. But wait, you say, it's been ages since I saw the first two in the series—how could I possibly begin with the third entry?

Plot summary: He wants your gold. All of it. You won't hand it over? He'll murder you. Now you're caught up.

What's important about these three films is that, in precisely this order, the ugly sonofabitch slaughters humans in space and then in South Central. Maybe there are zombie fly girls, maybe he even lights up with Ice-T. We can't confirm these things because we want you to be surprised.

Do something atypical this St. Patrick's day. Make a memory you'll share with your kids.

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