The year was 1963 and at the studio's behest Jean-Luc Godard had to go back and shoot a few more nude scenes with Brigitte Bardot, the French actress for whom the term sex kitten was basically coined. The film was Contempt, a chilly examination of art, power, and compromise. It is perhaps Godard's most accomplished achievement.

Given his curmudgeonly nature, it might come as a surprise that the filmmaker would give in to the studio's demands to include shots of Bardot that had not been originally planned, but viewing the scenes in question, it's clear that Godard didn't really compromise. Pay attention to the film's oft-quoted opening and you'll see for yourself.

You could frame and hang virtually any shot in Contempt, making it the ideal film to experience on the big screen. Seattle, your Wednesday night just got booked.

Contempt (1963)
Wednesday, March 23
7 p.m.
Central Cinema
1411 21st Ave, Seattle
Tickets $8