Some new information has surfaced from the Batcave regarding the Dark Knight’s upgraded utility belt in Batman: Arkham City.  Most of the gadgets from the previous game—which, to be fair, were pretty sick—have evolved to include some new functionality and gameplay implications.  Check it out:

• Explosive Gel was previously used to knock out weak sections of walls.  In Batman: Arkham City, players can somersault, spray the gel on the floor, and then detonate it remotely, delivering a ton of damage to any nearby enemies. 

• The Line Launcher: it's not just for zipping anymore.  Batman can flip up onto the line, balance, and attack enemies from that self-created perch point—or you can fire a new zipline at a 90 degree angle from the first one. 

• The Cryptographic Sequencer was used to open doors and access security panels in Arkham Asylum, but you had to be in close range to do so.  Now the device can be used to tap into conversations anywhere in the city to give Batman an advantage over the criminal masterminds.

• Also new to Arkham City are Smoke Pellets, which basically act as a last-ditch “Oh, shit!” maneuver.  It buys you a few seconds of cover in order for you to retreat to the ceiling or a nearby gargoyle. 

We swear, Batman: Arkham Asylum has us feeling like the Joker: where does he get those wonderful toys? Is Morgan Freeman still down in the basement? [via IGN]