21 malware apps, released by a single shady publisher and downloaded by between 50k and 200k users, were identified and later shut down. The website Android Police was on the case.

In a scenario similar to instances of  old-school malware, the apps were knockoffs of some popular legit programs, like Guitar Solo and Chess. The fakes, created by a publisher called Myournet, bore malicious code capable of hijacking your phone and/or sending your personal data to a remote server. Upon learning of the bad apples via Android Police, Google acted swiftly. The programs were reportedly shutdown within five minutes.

Still, the prospect of a mobile platform plagued by insidious malware is one that anyone in the business must be vigilant about at the prevention stage. Android is gloriously liberal, but there is a method to iOS's dictatorial madness.

Here is a list of the bad apps (say it ain't so, Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls!):

Falling Down

Super Guitar Solo

Super History Eraser

Photo Editor

Super Ringtone Maker

Super Sex Positions

Hot Sexy Videos



Hilton Sex Sound

Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls

Falling Ball Dodge

Scientific Calculator

Dice Roller


Advanced Currency Converter

APP Uninstaller


Funny Paint

Spider Man