Director: Robert Longo
Plot synopsis: A guy must deliver a data package that’s literally stored in his head before the large amount of information terminates his brain. Viewers undoubtedly feel his depleting brain pain.
Ideal console(s): Super NES
Game on: Pretty much any movie starring Keanu Reeves could work better as a video game. He’s a lifeless entity in front of cameras, so transposing his characters to the electronic universe makes perfect sense. Johnny Mnemonic, though, is a sci-fi movie so simultaneously high-concept and inept that it’d undermine its existence as a feature film no matter who receives top billing.

That lofty premise, though, would make for an exciting pressure cooker of a video game, though. It’d be harder than the original Nintendo’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game; to simulate Mnemonic’s deteriorating brainpower, the game’s levels would be devoid of any power-ups, rendering the tiniest of player mistakes that much more damaging. Game Genies sold separately.