We had doubts about Thor when its trailer first surfaced last year at Comic Con, and we still have uncertainties about it now. When Kenneth Branagh (Henry V, Hamlet) was announced to take on the director’s seat, we immediately anticipated the film to take on a polished, more Shakespearean makeup, since that’s what he’s most acknowledged for; frankly, that seemed intriguing. What we see here now, though, is a very expected adaptation of the comic book franchise, with somewhat easy-going humor subtlety injected here and there. The Nordic god of thunder, played by the up-and-coming Aussie Chris Hemsworth, seems fitting, but we’re not expecting a breakout performance. Natalie Portman’s role as the love interest is certainly formulaic, but we doubt you watch these films to see relationships get unraveled. Last but not least, the CGI-thrilled fighting scenes and accumulating climax look solid, though not awe-inspiring. Let's just hope Thor doesn't end up joining the DVD scrap yards already occupied by Daredevil, The Punisher, and Hulk. We’ll find out on May 6th.