Despite the title, this isn’t an Eddie Money documentary. In fact, Take Me Home Tonight is a comedy about a Suncoast Video employee fronting like he works for Goldman Sachs so he could charm his high school crush at a Labor Day party. Like most shit-fest guy comedies that push screwball farce to the limit, this ‘80s nostalgia-fest features common elements: drugs, blondes, sex, and throwback anthems. Apparently, the movie has been in the can since ’07, but never scored a release date because it contained too many references to the white powder, which kept the studios shook. Producers Ron Howard (Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon) and Brian Grazer (8 Mile, Apollo 13), as well as the CEO of Relativity Media, Ryan Kavanaugh, luckily rescued this sure-to-be misogynistic escapade so filmgoers like us, who never get enough of nonstop scatological gags, can fulfill our bi-monthly appetites for politically incorrect humor. If Canadian filmmaker Michael Dowse (Fubar) made the actual feature as exciting as the above trailer, we have something to look forward to on March 4th.