Submarine doesn't exactly remind us of our own high school years, but we're nevertheless intrigued. Multifaceted British actor/comedian Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut paints a picture of a witty 15-year-old with worldly insight as well as childish naiveté, attempting to piece back his shattering family, as well as touching third base with his cynically charming—and pyromaniac—girlfriend. From the trailer, we can feel the whimsy of filmmakers like Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry. And that’s a great thing. Submarine was acknowledged with great responses at both at the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, leading to a brief bidding war among fat-cat U.S. studios. Eventually, the Weinstein Brothers came out on top. Besides the politics, though, we’re enthused to watch young actors Craig Roberts and Yasmin Page at work. Yeah, yeah, we still consume 40s, and speak the thun language, but interconnecting films like this take us beyond the Oochie Wally.