So what’s good with Carla Gugino yet again starring in a low-budget feature with a pack of acclaimed actors? It was only two weeks ago when we pointed out that the luscious 39-year-old actress plays a retired porn star in Elektra Luxx. Then again, her significant other, and director of these films, Sebastian Gutierrez pumps out new materials like blog-heavy rappers. Despite the weak plotlines and supposedly funny sexual innuendos, viewers who actually make attempts to watch Gutierrez’s films are greeted by winning ensembles. This time around, Rosario Dawson, Danny DeVito, and Emmanuelle Chriqui all make appearances as a group of strangers who get mixed up in interlocking stories at 10 different bars on a Los Angeles evening. We’re seeing dick-teasing cuts of skimpily clothed women (or completely naked when playing ping pong), and in all honesty, we have no idea what this is about except for the fact that it looks like a mindless eye candy. If watching hot chicks in minimal clothing is your thing (as it should be), give this one a look via YouTube on March 11.