From The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to Notes on a Scandal, what’s good with these British literature-to-film entries dealing with bizarre attraction between spinsters and teenage girls? Of course, with the bombshell Eva Green (Casino Royale, Kingdom of Heaven) starring as Jean Brodie in Cracks, we don’t have any complaints, but it’s still disturbingly odd. Like the original 1969 film adaptation of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, which starred Maggie Smith, Green plays a charismatic and free-thinking boarding-school instructor who leads a pack of girls heavily awed by her idealism and individualistic persona. Her facade gets tested, however, when an all-capable transfer student (played by Maria Valverde) enters the scene, stirring up jealousy and violence, the latter administered by the ringleader of Brodie admirers, Di (played by Juno Temple). Directed by Jordan Scott (who happens to be the daughter of Ridley Scott), this British film initially opened back in ’09, but it’s finally getting an American release on March 18th. Expect to see catty bickering, mental fuckery, and early 20th century schoolgirl uniforms.