Sexual jokes and perverted references are great ways to sell a summer comedy. The first trailer for Bad Teacher, directed by Jake Kasdan (Orange County), incorporates those qualities well. Cameron Diaz plays an attractive yet tasteless elementary school teacher who desperately seeks for a sugar daddy. With an emphasis on “fuck,” her vernacular uses the F-word as an adjective, verb, and noun. But when a handsome and nerdy substitute (played by real-life ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake) enters her rearview, she attempts to win his heart by any means necessary (this includes scoring a fake set of tits and knocking down her competition, played by Lucy Punch). The level of selfish and outrageous antics Diaz’s character implements as a teacher are downright improbable in reality, but we’re not fronting on the fact that after lights, camera, and makeup, Diaz still pulls off some of the levels of hotness we first felt from her in The Mask. This will most likely be an option in theaters when tickets for special effects blockbusters are sold out, or if we’re twisted and need to laugh at some dumbness. See if we’re right on June 24th.