For many New York City game heads, it was painful to come across last week’s news about the closing of famed Mott Street arcade Chinatown Fair. Here's a possible remedy: Move to Japan. As anybody who’s been there can attest, mega arcades full of games from past and present are clustered around subway stations and shopping districts. These hangouts aren’t simply enjoyed by teenagers, either. Many adults, who grew up spending yen at these game cloisters, continuously make visits after they have kids. This indie documentary by Canadian director Brad Crawford, who lived for three years in Japan and experienced the impressive game culture firsthand, was funded through an online fundraiser. By last December, Crawford collected $9,000 worth of donation to complete this look inside a tradition quickly fading in other parts of the world. In addition to interviews with Brian Ashcraft (Kotaku), Ryan Gutierrez (Gootecks), and Bear Trickey (Q Games), 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience features world-famous professional Street Fighter gamers Daigo Umehara, and Justin Wong, as well as Japanese video game professor Satoshi Numata and natives who reflect on their personal experiences with arcade culture. Although a set date hasn’t been confirmed, Crawford and his team are looking toward a fall 2011 release.