Worst Performances: Pearl Harbor (2001), Hollywood Homicide (2003), The Black Dahlia (2006), 30 Days Of Night (2007)

It'd be a lie if we said that we didn't see Hartnett's current ice-streak coming—casting directors were bound to see things clearly. While not awful, or even painful to watch, Hartnett is something arguably worse: He's just plain boring to watch. Maybe it's his perpetually squinty-eyed look, which makes it seem like even he's disinterested in his own performances. Or perhaps it's how incapable he is of leading the show, as seen in The Black Dahlia (which could've been trashy noir fun if in a different actor's hands) and 30 Days Of Night (which just misses the "completely badass" mark due to Hartnett's wrongful casting). Whatever the explanation may be, we're bored already just trying to figure it out.