Worst Performances: Employee Of The Month (2006), Mr. Brooks (2007), Good Luck Chuck (2007), My Best Friend's Girl (2008)

What's worse than a comedian who's the opposite of funny on stage yet has somehow amassed a huge fan base? An unfunny comic who uses that success to sneak his way into Hollywood. His signature approach—arrogance with a smile—has yet to work on film, turning already humorless comedies (Employee Of The Month, Good Luck Chuck) into infuriating time-wasters. Like many comics before him, Cook even tried scrapping the laughs for a more "thespian" job, in the uneven 2007 thriller Mr. Brooks; needless to say, he failed. We'd be surprised if any of his stand-up fans even own any of his flicks on DVD. Even Stannery has its limits.