This Sunday, February 27, cinema's biggest names and most talented folks will congregate inside the Kodak Theatre, in Hollywood, California, to shower each other with praise, watch co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway (possibly) stumble through song-and-dance routines, and once again deny Christopher Nolan any directorial accolades (bastards). The 83rd annual Academy Awards' male categories seem more predictable than ever this year: Colin Firth (The King's Speech) is practically a shoe-in for Best Actor, while Christian Bale (The Fighter) seems just as certain to walk off stage with a Best Supporting Actor trophy in hand. We salute them, as well as the other nominees, but, as any insult comic or battle rapper knows, lampooning is often more fun than lauding. As replete with award-worthy stars as Hollywood is, there's also an undeniably large number of wrongdoers, whether they're irredeemably bad, inconsistently so, or once-masterful entertainers who've screwed the creative pooch. So, before the acting community toasts to its finest individuals, allow us to do just the opposite. Without further ado, Complex presents our list of the 50 Worst Actors in Hollywood History.