After the memorable comic death of the Human Torch in Fantastic Four #587, the Fantastic Four has recieved a face-lift from Marvel. The Fantastic Four book will be relaunced under the name FF starting this March and Marvel has announced that Spider-Man will be a member of the new team. FF stands for the Future Foundation which is what the Fantastic Four will now be known as. The members of this new team so far include Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm, the Thing, and Spider-Man, and others will be revealed when the book launches. The new series will also keep Fantastic Four writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting on the book so they can continue their space traveling odyssey together.

FF will alter the very fabric of the Marvel Universe,” explained Tom Brevoort, Senior Vice President of Publishing, earlier today on “Jonathan and Steve have crafted a unique, powerful new series that’s going to surprise a lot of fans with its combination of mind-blowing ideas and visuals.”

Spidey’s inclusion in the Fantastic Four has been a longtime coming. Back in Amazing Spider-Man #1, published in 1963, the Wall Crawler tried desperately to join the team, but they never allowed it. Apparently it would cost too much money to change their logo from a “4” to a “5”. He was even a member of the “Replacement Fantastic Four” for a brief time in 1990 along with Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and the grey Hulk.

While the Fantastic Four’s roster is usually pretty consistent, it isn’t a foreign concept for the team to have a rotating membership. Past members of the team include the She-Hulk, Nova, Medusa, Storm, and Black Panther.

While the Human Torch will most likely be back amongst the living eventually, this is still a significant change in the status quo for Marvel’s First Family. So fans of the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man should be on the lookout for FF to launch on March 23.