Before hood cats were putting Lambo doors on Monte Carlos, Marty and Doc were getting their gullwing on in the DeLorean. If you're too young to remember the Back to the Future movies, then clearly you don't have TBS the previous sentence means nothing to you and you camped out for Marty McFly Hyperdunks just because. Regardless, today Telltale Games announced that their full series of Back to the Future PC games is heading to the console world, dropping on PlayStation Network the day after Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t just some knockoff for nostalgia's sake—the game includes a new storyline with Marty and Doc, with Christopher Lloyd is actually voicing Doc (no Fox, sadly). The five-episode series was created in collaboration with the original trilogy's co-writer/co-producer, Bob Gale.

Players can get the full season on PSN for $19.99, with delivery of the first episode immediately upon purchase. So don’t spend all your money on your girl on 2/14—save a dub to rock with Marty and Doc.