Boom. There's the Xoom's pricing. Speaking to Reuters, Motorola's chief executive, Sanjay Jha, confirmed that the upcoming Xoom tablet will retail for $799 unsubsidized at Verizon Wireless locations, and for $600 for the 32GB model with wi-fi only. Jha didn't mention when the tablet will go on sale, nor did he speak on the odd Best Buy ad that claimed customers needed to buy a Verizon data package in order to use the wi-fi.

This is good news to those hoping to cop the new Honeycomb tablet, as the 32GB wi-fi Xoom is right at the same price point as the 32GB iPad. And thought we have no idea what Apple's got in store for the iPad 2 pricing, we're glad the cost is more manageable than expected.

[Crunch Gear via Reuters]