In our last installment of New Brew, the spotlight fell on Butternuts' Porkslap, a cheap, drinkable beer with more flavor than Bud or whatever else television adverts are pushing on you these days. This week, we'd like to introduce you to a classy beer that would blush at the mere mention of a porkslap. She's a Belgian American from Chicago-based brewery Goose Island, and her name is Sofie.

This particular bottle of Sofie was born in 2010, and is a member of Goose Island's high-end Vintage series. Achieving a hazy blonde color when poured, with a somewhat substantial head, Sophie makes for a handsome looking beer. Light in taste, with a crisp, highly-carbonated body, Sofie would pair well with seafood. Or at least that's what Goose Island's website insists. But putting the marketing language aside to speak frankly for a moment, Sofie is a solid Belgian Style Ale, inoffensive but refreshing with a noticeable hint of tart citrus. The boys at Goose Island claim white pepper should be popping off my palate, but perhaps my tastebuds aren't sophisticated enough. If you dig Belgians and something like Chimay isn't readily available (or your bankroll can't handle it) Sofie would do fine.

Goose Island