Since first coming on the scene in 2000, 21st Amendment has captured the attention of beer drinkers everywhere with cleverly-named craft beer in handsome cans. Their latest is the Bitter American, an extra pale ale designed to be the perfect session beer ("session" meaning you drink a bunch of 'em at one sitting). It's a clean, drinkable beer with just a hint of hoppy sharpness, a beer you can drink and drink without having to worry about falling from your barstool and busting your head off the barroom floor when you crane your neck to watch who just walked in. See, you'll be less drunk, which means less stupid. Smoother. Let the clowns swill Bud.

Look for Bitter American this weekend. You can't miss it, what with its illustrated blue can featuring a spacesuit-clad chimp lounging out somewhere past the moon. Bitter American will be available through March.

Bitter American
21st Amendment Brewery