As hip-hop continues to stretch its own borders with the abstract “unbeats” of Lil B and the ultraviolent fantasies of Odd Future, it’s good to know there are still people keeping it as blunt as an old coffee spoon. Atlanta’s Waka Flocka Flame is most likely the torchbearer for this set, as his version of “rapping” really just seems like a Tourette’s sufferer standing in front of a mic reacting to really, really cheesy synth lines. His Flockaveli album has been touted by many as a milestone, and while it is chock-full of deep bass and impressive hi-hat work courtesy of Virginia superproducer Lex Luger, it’s pretty damn hard to take all at once. If you can handle the $39 price tag in Seattle, this sort of ferocity live should be something to see.-Finn Cohen

Waka Flocka Flame
Saturday, Feb 26
8 p.m.
The King Cat Theater
2130 6th Ave, Seattle
Tickets $39