In 2008, Talib Kweli, Res, and Graph Nobel came together officially as Idle Warship, offering socially-conscious, melodic hip-hop. They dropped the Party Robot mixtape in '09, which featured the banger "Black Snake Moan." Catch that bold double entendre in the title? You know what it is. Supergroups don't typically succeed at this level, but Idle Warship aren't typical.

Dead prez will not compromise. Hip-hop's most militant outfit, the clear descendants of Public Enemy, use fighting the power as the jump-off for lyrics demanding social justice and empowerment for the disenfranchised everywhere. These cats have been known to burn money on stage. Does that sound like a live show you want to miss?

Idle Warship & dead prez
Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 North 6th St
7 p.m.
Tickets $12.25