Valve has their hands full with the upcoming release of Portal 2, but in a recent blog post, they revealed that fans of Left 4 Dead 2 are not forgotten.  Once Portal 2 is done, a new DLC map pack for L4D2 will drop that includes the three remaining maps from the original Left 4 Dead game that still haven’t been ported—plus a new map from modder Matthew Lourdelet, creator of the well-known "2 Evil Eyes" campaign. 

Lourdelet has been working on a new but unfinished campaign called "Cold Stream," which apparently impressed Valve—but rather than paying the talented modder to finish it, they want to utilize the community to provide feedback to guide development decisions. They’ve opened up an entire section of the Steam forums dedicated to the Cold Stream discussions, So fans of the series can directly impact what goes into this new DLC. Maybe we can finally get that flamethrower we always wanted! [via PC Gamer]