Thanks to a deal reached today with Viacom, full episodes of MTV's hit show, Jersey Shore, will be available to watch on Hulu. Now if you miss a show, instead of waiting for repeats, you can watch The Situation, Pauly, Vinnie, and the rest of 'em whenever you want.

However, there's a catch. Besides taking 21 days to hit the site, only Hulu+ subscribers will be able to watch the shows. So if you're not willing to throw down $7.99 a month for the premium service, you're going to have to stick to downloading 'em from torrent sites waiting for those re-runs or DVRing them.

But if you do subscribe, you'll get Jersey Shore, along with Tosh.0, The Chappelle Show, and Reno 911. Not sure if that sweetens the deal, but there ya go.