As many times as we've played through the Bulletstorm demo, we figured we'd seen all there was to see...until we saw a demonstration of what appears to be an extension to the "Collapsed Building" playthrough. It leads to another three minutes or so of gameplay, starting with a glass walkway shattering beneath your feet and ending with what seems to be the level boss. (Of course, that's just judging from the "Bossed" skillshot bonus that the guy gets for killing him). Adrian Chmielarz, creative director of Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, tweeted a somewhat cryptic response to dude's video:

Oh, look, a secret Bulletstorm demo level ;) "@AddnanC: Glitch or part of the demo?"less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad

We officially say "hmmmmm." Peep the video below. Is People Can Fly covering up a glitch, or did they really hope that people would discover the next part of the level?