There was a time when TLC was known as "The Learning Channel." Now it's known as crap. As is: How many shows about bridezillas, little people, hoarders, Gosselins, and Palins can one network air before toppling over into the abyss? The answer? Infinity, apparently! The network has just announced four new shows that sound so ridiculous that it would be hard to pick them out of a lineup of made up shows. To wit: See if you can guess which of the following series are real.

Taxidermy USA: A new series about a family of taxidermists.

Garbage Eaters: A competitive eating competition with homeless people.

Ultimate Cleaners: Like that Amy Adams/Emily Blunt film Sunshine Cleaning, the Douglas Family cleans up after disgusting things like crime scenes and crack houses.

Cat Killers: Follow along with a team of supernatural experts who kill cats possessed by the Devil.

Heavily Ever After: Follow along as an obscenely overweight couple enjoys marriage.

Tiniest Tween: Kenadie's Story: Little Kenadie is a primordial dwarf, who, at seven years old, only weighs 17 pounds.

My Giant Wart: The touching story of Frank LaMato and his gigantic toe wart.

Bed Bugs: Thirty minutes of people being bit by bed bugs.

Charlie Sheen's Non-Intervention: Sheen travels around to tell addicts that cleaning up is a terrible idea.

Plumbing Emergencies: Plumber Joe Franco tells stories of the worst plumbing mishaps he's ever seen.

The answers: Taxidermy USA, Ultimate Cleaners, Heavily Ever After, and Tiniest Tween: Kenadie's Story. TLC, everyone!