Peter Sotos is full of strange, disturbing impulses, and he wants to share them with you (although we can't do the same, hence the pic of Sotos above and not an image from one of his books). As a student at the Art Institute of Chicago in the early '80s, Sotos started Pure, a zine dedicated to serial killers. Sotos produced two issues before being brought up on obscenity charges. The second issue dealt with pedophilia, subject matter Sotos returns to again and again in his effort to force society to confront the darkest nooks of human existence. His writing has been defended as calling attention to hypocrisy in American culture through the examination of shows like To Catch a Predator.

During tonight's dialogue with Stereogum's Brandon Stosuy, an astute cultural critic in his own right, expect things to get uncomfortable as they discuss extreme art. Don't say we didn't warn you.

There will be another opportunity to see Sotos speak tomorrow: click here for details.

Peter Sotos with Brandon Stosuy
Friday, Feb 25
8 p.m.
Hospital Productions
60 East 3rd St, New York
This event is free