Microsoft knows just how to warm our bloodthirsty hearts, don't they? They've finally announced a concrete release date for the third entry in the blockbuster Gears of War franchise and that glorious day shall be September 20, 2011. GoW3 was originally slated to grace XBox 360 consoles this spring, but a heartbreaking delay pushed it back to an unmarked date for later in the year. This bad boy is slated to be the final entry in the third-person shooter series, and there's plenty of that new-new to look forward to: There's a four-player co-op campaign and a 5-vs.-5 multiplayer mode; Beast Mode will allow players to control members of the locust horde; the sawed-off shotgun and OneShot sniper rifle are but two of the new weapons; and everything in your arsenal now has its own finishing execution move. There's still no hard info on the beta (which you can get early access to if you bought the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm), though we imagine that Microsoft is set to release more details at their press event later today in San Francisco. Will there be any leaks on the rumored Gears for Kinect? MOTION-CONTROLLED CURB STOMPS FTW! [via IGN]