What is this, four MvC3 posts in a day and a half? Guess that's what happens when you're a week away from the crossover gaming event of the year. Anyway: we already saw an unofficial video of this last week, but Capcom has finally taken the wraps off the Galactus for good. Whether you're a comic-book head or not, be clear that it gets no bigger than the eater of worlds. Good thing that MvC3 uses three-member teams, because history has shown that battling Galactus one-on-one is like going up against the late great Big Pun—you can’t win! The two situations are also alike because Galactus will even let you rhyme to the "Benjamins" beat. Oh, and because Galactus once claimed that you couldn't measure his dick with six rulers. Though that one we might actually believe.