Trouble celebrity turned jewel thief mastermind, or honest mistake? You come to your own conclusion, but here are the facts: Yesterday, LAPD obtained a warrant to search Lindsay Lohan’s house near Venice Beach, after a necklace that went missing from a L.A. jewelry store last month popped up around the actress' neck (check out the TMZ photos). But, before the warrant could be executed, the necklace was returned. Hmmmm, how convenient. According to TMZ, Lohan says this is all a misunderstanding: Her stylist "borrowed" it and simply forgot to return it. Wack defense. We would have went with the "I was trying to channel Winona Ryder for the super secret Winona Ryder biopic I'm working on" explanation, but that's us. Whatever her defense is, she better get it straight, because TMZ claims charges are being sent to the Los Angels D.A. today.