Dell looks to stake a bigger claim to the tablet and smartphone markets this year, as revealed by a leak of their tentative 2011/12 product lineup.

Following the recent release of the Streak 7 tablet—hampered by its ancient-by-tech-standards Android 2.2 OS—the Honeycomb-based Sterling and Silver Oak will be Dell’s 7-inch alternatives come October and January 2012, respectively. The 10-inch market will see its first offering from the Texas company with the Gallo as early as April, another Honeycomb product. The Peju, set to drop next year, will run on Windows 8, thereby somewhat confirming one of Microsoft’s next moves.

As for smartphones, as promising as the Venue is, Dell will soon upstage it with the Windows 7-based Wrigley in the third quarter and the dual-camera, dual-core Hancock, running Honeycomb’s apparent successor, Ice Cream. The fourth quarter’s Millennium will boast almost identical specs as the Honeycomb, with the exception of a slightly bigger screen.

Wrigley Specs:
- Windows 7 OS
- 1GHz Processor
- 4” WVGA resolution
- 720p video
- 8 megapixel camera

Hancock Specs:
- Android Ice Cream OS
- Dual-Core processor
- 4” qHD 960x640 display
- 1080p video
- 8MP (rear) and 1.3 MP (front) cameras

Millennium Specs:
- Android Ice Cream
- Dual-Core Processor
- 4.3” qHD 960x640
- 1080p video
- 8MP and VGA cameras
- DLNA support

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