According to DC’s Source Blog, Bruce Wayne's cooler half will star in an upcoming miniseries titled Batman: Gates of Gotham, as well as an original graphic novel titled Batman: Noel.

Batman: Gates of Gotham will be a six-part miniseries written by Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins , with art by Trevor McCarthy. The series will focus on Batman and a group of other detectives, such as Owlman and Red Robin, as they investigate a mystery in Gotham that winds up encompassing the city itself. The book promises to reveal the history of some of Gotham’s most notable families, including the Waynes, the Kanes, and the Elliots. The events of this miniseries will be directly related to Grant Morrison’s recent run on Batman that saw the writer explore the origins of Gotham City and the Wayne family itself. The first issue of this miniseries hits stores on May 25.

If that book doesn’t interest you (perhaps due to backstory-overload), then the forthcoming release of Batman: Noel should turn that frown upside down. Fan-favorite comic talent Lee Bermejo will be on art duties for Noel, and he'll also try his hand at writing for the first time in his career. Not much about the plot is known yet, but the book will be released around the fourth quarter holidays and will be a one-shot graphic novel similar to the Joker book that Bermejo worked on with Brian Azzarello in 2008.