In 2009, Batman: Arkham Asylum lit up gaming consoles worldwide with solid storytelling, intuitive fighting mechanics, and an atmosphere so gritty that it could rival a David Fincher film. This fall, the highly anticipated sequel, Batman: Arkham City, is looking to improve upon the original’s winning formula with a larger environment to explore, more villains to fight, and improved visuals.

In order to drive up anticipation for the game, DC Comics is gearing up to release a six-issue comic book miniseries to tie into the game’s story. Announced via press release, the miniseries, which is also titled Batman: Arkham City, will be written by veteran Batman scribe Paul Dini and will be illustrated by the concept artist for both games, Carlos D’Anda.

The series will tell what happened in between the stories of both games and will lead directly into the beginning of Arkham City. Each issue will cost $2.99, and they'll be available both in stores and digitally on the same day.

While the game won’t be released until later this year, anxious fans can satiate their urges by copping the first two issues of the miniseries this May.