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Next month, a Blizzard-themed amusement park will open in China. The only issue is, it’s not sponsored by Blizzard. "World of Joyland" is the name, and their website shows park maps clearly inspired by the gaming giant’s popular franchises: Sections of the park include Terrain of Warcraft and Universe of StarCraft. We can see it now:  “You must be at least level 30 to ride this ride.” [G4 TV]

Your attention, please: Here are the 10 most amazing finishing moves in video games. We think that the Mortal Kombat fatalities could probably account for most of this list, but they’ve been lumped together in a nostalgic (and bloody) compilation video. FINISH HIM! [Gaming Bolt]

Professions in video games are usually more glamorous and exciting then their real-life counterparts—Mario comes to mind immediately, but there are plenty of people who have their fictional gaming careers to thank for staving off a life of depression and gradual resignation. [Games Radar]

Gameloft is again doing what they do best: stealing other people’s ideas to make a quick buck. This time the target is StarcraftStarfront: Collision is a new real-time strategy game for the iOS that doesn’t even try to hide where its ideas are borrowed from—as you can see from their video. South Korea is not amused. [Gameranx]