At the beginning of February, Complex dropped a bomb on the Internet with Black History Month Bingo. The game card, which predicted such race-based fuckery as "A well-meaning Bible college cafeteria celebrates 'African-American Heritage Month' with an all-hog maws buffet," may have seemed absurd to you, but that's only because you have some faith in the world and we don't. Lo and behold, Dealbreaker reports that well-meaning financial institution Citigroup, and its well-meaning food service, Restaurant Associates, decided it was a good idea to celebrate Black history by serving fried chicken, spicy collard greens, and whipped potatoes (groan). Pretty goddamn close. And this after the Huffington Post called NBC out for doing the same last year! Mark it off your Black History Month Bingo card and keep your eyes and ears out for more fuckery. Remember, five in a row and we all lose!