R.I.P., 3D IMAX Big Daddies, we hardly knew ye. Looks like director Gore Verbinski couldn't get any major Hollywood studios to back his vision of a BioShock adaptation, saying that no one wants to put that much money into a dark R-rated movie with the kind of budget a faithful retelling of the game would have required. Of all the games that could be adapted, this one was was the odds-on favorite to make a decent movie: creepy, smart, immersive, and comes with a story that actually makes sense. Meanwhile, Uncharted is getting made as a family-friendly adventure series? Next thing you know, we'll be seeing Dwayne Johnson starring in Rock Dead Redemption, about a divorced father and his talking CGI horse who travel the countryside clearing his name so he can get custody of his adorable gaptoothed daughter. #foh [via G4TV]