The Amazon Kindle is about get a lot more bookish. A major gripe with Kindle—and other e-reader—owners is that the page numbers in their e-books don't match up with those of the real books. Well, Jeff Bezos and his team have found a solution. In the Kindle's next firmware update, e-book page-numbers will correspond to page-numbers in its printed version.

The main problem with translating print page-numbers to digital is the varying font-sizes people use when reading a book. An e-book's page-count can be seriously altered depending on the size of text a reader chooses. To fix this, Amazon figured out a way to calculate a book's page-position when the reader presses the "Menu" button while reading. And to let you which book your e-book matches up to, Amazon will include a "Page Numbers Source ISBN" in the e-book description.

You can download the Early Preview Release of the new firmware HERE, or you can just wait for it be to automatically sent to your Kindle.

[Wired Gadget Lab]