The last two weeks have seen two announcements that gamers the world over have been waiting for: both Nintendo and Sony unveiled details about their newest handheld products. Nintendo's 3DS is going for a piece of that immersive 3D pie, while Sony's NGP is going for hardcore gamers with close-to-HD resolution and full twin analog stick control. Both have game lineups befitting their consoles—Nintendo's bringing 3D versions of much-loved franchises like Mario Kart and Kid Icarus, while the NGP will offer powerful portable versions of favorites like Call of Duty and Uncharted. We can't make up our minds, so knowing us, we'll probably go for both, but we imagine that one of them is floating your boat more than the other. We grabbed a video of each in case you have a life outside your computer, so take a look and then render your decision: Which of the two handhelds are you more likely to cop?

Nintendo 3DS


Sony NGP