Some new Cormac McCarthy material is always welcome. The 77-year-old author, who's written such celebrated, hard-boiled novels as Blood Meridian, The Road and No Country for Old Men, is known for his gritty western plots setups. So his play The Sunset Limited, which doesn’t feature cowboys or pretty horses, might come off as a surprise to some. Like the source material, the upcoming HBO film adaptation, set to premiere on February 12, features a Christian ex-con named Black (Samuel L. Jackson) and a suicidal atheist professor named White (Tommy Lee Jones). Black saves White from jumping onto a train track and brings him back to his apartment, where paradoxical views collide. Although two veteran heavy-hitters are headlining this clash of lip-smacking wit and moral conscience, we’re wary it might not translate well into a full-length feature. Peep the trailer to see what we're talking about.