Regarding Jackass 3D, we previously said, “Stupid people doing stupid shits for stupid laughs always worked great for entertainment.” We’re not taking back our statement, and it’s clear the creators behind the obnoxious but hilarious franchise, who raked in $170 million for their latest effort, will make more “stupid” money starting on April 1st with Jackass 3.5. The theatrical version of last year's sequel was released with tons of gags left on the cutting room floor, so for the studio to make a supplemental sequel, comprised of leftover from the official film, was a definite no-brainer. Although it slightly annoys us that it's getting dropped in weekly segments via Joost before the whole set gets released on DVD, VOD and TV formats, it’s not like we’re waiting on a Christopher Nolan blockbuster, right? With that said, get ready to have another round of cringe-inducing laughter from watching stupid people doing more stupid shits.