Killzone 3 is heading for PS3s on February 22, but until now people have had to make due with looks at the few demo single-player levels and the three multiplayer maps that Sony made available during the beta last fall. Now, Guerilla and Sony are coming clean like Jeru (what, too dated?) with the complete rundown of all eight multiplayer maps. They include the (mostly) exotically named:

Corinth Highway*
Pyrrhus Crater
Bilgarsk Boulevard (no, not the Billy Ocean song)
Turbine Concourse SE-6*
Frozen Dam
Akmir Snowdrfit*
Mawlr Graveyard
Kaznan Jungle

Full descriptions and (smallish) images are available at Killzone's official site—linked above—so get thee hence, Helghast killers.

* denotes maps that were available during the beta.