If you watched American Idol last night—and judging from the ratings, you probably did—then you got to see what it looks like when 62-year-old judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler hits on an underage girl. Insert lascivious Aerosmith song title here.

The girl in question, Victoria Huggins, was just your average 16-year-old wearing an average skirt, but that doesn’t mean Tyler wasn’t impressed. The Daily News reports that the old man looked her up and down and said, “Ooh, yeah. Just the right amount [of leg] showing. That's nice." When the youngster said she was trying to appeal to boys, Tyler replied, "You pulled it off.” Awesome! And you thought Simon Cowell was bad.

Elsewhere, the rest of American Idol was just that: Idol. Er, idle. But as long as Tyler keeps showing off his fancy rockstar flirting techniques, it looks like this season will be a must-watch, even without Simon Cowell.