The game everyone has been referring to as Silent Hill 8 officially has a name—and no, it's not Gray And Creepy. The horror game will now go by Silent Hill: Downpour (hence all the rain in the images that leaked a couple of weeks back). Konami released a few screens showing lead character Murphy Pendelton navigating through two new areas of the game: The Diner and Devil’s Pit.

Murph (played by you) is fresh out of the pen, thanks to a prison transport bus crash a la The Fugitive. Unluckily for him, the bus crashes near the spooky-ass town of Silent Hill—where, according to Konami, “seedy pasts and uncertain futures unify to create to a terrifying present.” In addition to the new screens, we also get a quick listen to the game's soundtrack, courtesy of Silent Hill: Downpour’s music supervisor Daniel Licht. Licht also scores the music on the equally creepy Showtime series Dexter, so dude is no stranger to the minor keys.

By Branden J. Peters