Seth Rogen: Me So Hornet (Cover Story)

Seth Rogen: Me So Hornet (Cover Story)

What was the story with Eminem’s part in the movie? Was that completely improv?

We had this idea that Eminem was the guy that makes [Adam Sandler’s character] realize that even though he’s better, his life still sucks. That was all we had. Apart from that, it was totally improvised. What happened was me and Ray Romano shot our part first, and we started doing a joke where we were taking pictures of Eminem. Then, when they did their part, he watched that and started screaming at us. It was fucking hilarious.

It was totally random—

Between that and working with the RZA, I am far more involved in the hip-hop community than I ever could have hoped in my entire life.

Speaking of which, tangentially, how did you come to know KAWS?

A lot of my friends in high school were into graffiti and underground hip-hop magazines, and I remember seeing the Calvin Klein ads and stuff that he did, and I just thought it was amazing. It was such a cool way to approach that kind of thing, which was not to vandalize it, but to improve it. And ever since then, I’ve kept up with him and collected. I probably have almost every single figure he’s ever made. And I just got his book. He sent it to me signed, which was fucking awesome.

So you’ve met?

No, but we have emailed. That’s one of the amazing things about being an actor. You—and I will milk it until I fucking die—get to meet some of these people that you think are fucking awesome, and you realize that they kind of like you, too.

What’s your next project?

We don’t know for sure, honestly.

Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse?

Yeah! Me and Evan are writing that right now. And we want to direct it if someone actually lets us; and I think they will. That’ll be crazy. It’s insane. It’s a very crazy movie. It’s kind of a horror-comedy.


We’ve been watching movies like The Mist and Tremors. Also, every apocalyptic movie we can find. We want it to be one of those movies where people are trapped in a little place while the apocalypse is occurring outside. We’re heavily inspired by The Exorcist as well, and Rosemary’s Baby. We want my character to get raped by a demon. [Laughs.]

You had me at “raped by a demon.”

And no one believes I’m pregnant!

I spend very little time online. A couple years ago my internet went out for six months and it literally didn't affect my life at all.

How do you find the mental headspace to write and the actual physical time to do it, given your schedule?

It’s easy to find the headspace to write. The physical time to write is getting harder and harder. But we find time. Honestly, it’s what we enjoy doing more than anything, so we aggressively fight for our time to do it. Making movies is very stressful sometimes, but there’s nothing stressful about sitting in your sweatpants just writing on a computer, you know? That’s just fun.

How does your collaboration work? Do you break the script into parts?

Nope. We just sit there together. We do as much of it in the same room, at the same time, as humanly possible. Which is pretty much all of it. We only live a couple of blocks away.

Do you draw straws for who’s the hands?

Evan generally types, because he’s way faster at it than I am—

How convenient.

—Which is kind of something that pisses him off, a lot. I can type for a period, but we can’t deny that it’s just a waste of time. I failed typing in high school.

There goes your secretarial career. Let’s switch back to Seth Rogen’s interests. And you can talk about yourself in the third person if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Yeah, I will, thank you.

What are you listening to?

Team Canada. You ever listen to those guys? They’re mash-up DJs from Montreal. They’re fucking awesome.

Have you sat with the new Kanye?

Actually, I was literally listening to it when we started doing this interview. It’s awesome. I’ve also been listening to the new Girl Talk album all day. Although I haven’t seen the movie, I’ve been listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. [Laughs.]

What websites do you go to?

What websites do I go to? I honestly spend very little time online.

Excuse me?

Yeah, isn’t that weird? My girlfriend, conversely, spends a fucking shit-ton of time online. But, no, a couple of years ago my Internet went out in my house for like six months and I just never got it fixed. And it literally didn’t affect my life at all.

That’s probably why you’re able to get all this stuff written.

I really think it is. I see a lot of people waste a lot of time on the Internet when they should be writing.

You may see that very phenomenon happen when it’s time for me to pen this article.

There’s one thing me and Evan waste time doing online when we should be writing, and it’s watching movie trailers. I go to The Movie Box usually, or Trailer Addict.

How do you unwind?

I play video games. I’ve been playing God of War III for hours and hours and hours a day lately. I read comic books, too. I like to garden, but it’s the winter so I can’t do that. But if I have a chunk of time, I’ll buy a video game and play it all fucking day.

Any recent favorites, aside from GOW3?

I have a 3-D TV, and I got Call of Duty: Black Ops, and I can play it in 3-D. I did that all day, every day, for several weeks.

Online, or do you play just the missions?

No, I just play myself. I should play online, but those fucking nerds are way too good for me. I thought, I’m pretty good at these games. I played GoldenEye in high school. I grew up with this shit. And then you play and you’re like, “These kids are fucking way better than I am.”

Yeah, all you can do is regenerate, and then get shot in the back of the head again.

Exactly! That’s when I realize how old I am. Like, “Oh yeah, I’m almost 30. There’s 13-year-olds that literally have been doing this their entire lives.”

So when was the last time you had a day to yourself when you could just loaf on the couch?

The last few days, actually. It’s been pretty nice. I haven’t been doing shit.

That’s great.

Yeah, it’s been awesome.

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