Quick, what's the one thing that arcades back in the days lacked? Liquor? A DJ? Girls writhing up against a Moon Patrol cabinet? Affliction t-shirts? Probably not, but there may very well be an unholy mashup of all those things on the way. Las Vegas, Nevada is playing host to a new gamebar/club "cleverly" named "Insert Coin(s)" that is set to open this spring. Not only is the spot gonna have your ususal club atmosphere, but it'll play host to classic arcade coin-ops as well as current ones and a number of console setups. It's like Barcade minus the hipster beards and girls with bad posture!

We're gonna go out on a limb and say that this just might work. While we can't see gaming becoming the hot new thing in clubs, the possibility of seeing a fauxhawked douchebag trying to grind on a girl while she disdainfully plays Joust is reason enough to go. [via EventHubs]

By Elton Jones