Since Megan Fox was B.A.G.'d (as in married to Brian Austin Green), we've experienced our own seven stages of grief. We started off in denial by rewatching her Emporio Armani underwear commercial on YouTube, felt guilty for missing Jonah Hex, promised to never check out another chick for a chance with her and then fell into a state of depression. But our constant, female-fending body odor of Natty Lights made us realize that wasn't a good look anymore. So, it's a new year and we've taken a shower, gotten re-focused on our blog posts and accepted our loss. You're probably asking yourself why we're admitting such embarrassing desperation. Well, it's because we're here to draw you out of yours, too. No, we're not offering Xanax. Rather, we're giving you a heavy dose of Ms. Fox's sexiest booby pictures to cheer you up. It's the only way.