By this point, many gamers have already experienced Mass Effect and its unbelievable sequel, Mass Effect 2 (which was our No. 1 game of 2010). However, Bioware realized that many Sony fanboys were getting their hands on ME2 for the first time last week, when the game finally arrived for PS3. Since player choices from the first game have a real impact on the experience in the sequel, the developer created an interactive video-comic to get the slowpokes up to speed.

Not only does the comic recap the storylines from the first game, it allows the reader to make similar choices to shape the personality and plotlines surrounding Commander Shepard. We'd still recommend playing the first Mass Effect if you have that option, but if you don’t this is a convenient and clever way to still get that customized, choice-matters feeling while playing through Mass Effect 2. Even if you’ve already played the games and saved the world--twice--the comic is still entertaining to watch. However, JEERS to losing the cheesy-yet-awesome sex scenes. We can't help it; Ashley Williams got a donkey! [via Grey VIper]

By Richie Procopio